The Fortress of Utopia (2015)

HD - Experimental Short
30 minutes,Color, Dolby Stereo

Director: Sandra Sterle

Orig. Title: Utvrda Utopija
Experimental narrative articulates the visual language and sound associations between nostalgia of socialist past and future perspectives. Cinematic performances are placed in the ex-military bases of the island of Vis questioning the potentials of political and military power illusions.
Screenplay Sandra Sterle
Cinematography Bojan Mrđenović
Editing Marija Bjelinski
Sound Design Vjeran Šalamon
Cast Sandra Sterle, Alen Čelić, Gildo Bavčević, Leon Lučev, Marjan Nejašmić Banić, Zorana Kačić, Sara Ivelić, Petra Kovačić
Producer Slobodan Jokić (Dan Oki)
Production Udruga Kazimir


Buzzing (2014)

Short film
14' minutes, Color

Director: Dinko Božanić

Orig. Title: Zujanje
Petar is a young architect from the city of Zagreb. His printer breaks down, and he has just one hour to print off his project plans and enter them in a competition. After a series of disasters, Petar gives up but he is persuaded to try again by Pike, an unconventional man from the hinterland.
Screenplay Dinko Božanić
Cinematography Raul Brzić
Editing Goran Čače
Art Direction Zrinka Barbarić
Costume Design Zrinka Barbarić
Music Willem Miličević
Sound Design Hrvoje Pelicarić
Cast Silvio Vovk, Ivica Bašić, Filip Radoš, Andrea Mladinić, Zdeslav Čotić, Goran Alebić, Branimir Rakić, Valerija Barbarić, Vedran Sardelić, Jozo Režić
Producer Dan Oki (kao Slobodan Jokić)
Production Udruga Kazimir
Support Hrvatski audiovizualni centar (HAVC)


The Farewell (2013)

DCP - Film
80 minutes, Color, Dolby Stereo

Director: Dan Oki

Nina, a young activist, is selling her family home, which is close to a factory in Vranjic. Her boyfriend, Srdjan, is going to work in Germany as a dentist and is leaving Nina and her strong, but blind mother, Carmen, for good. Nina is waiting for the results of a medical check-up. She is concerned because she could have inherited a genetic disease from her father, who died from Asbestosis. Nina’s doctor Lidija is having a lesbian relationship with Nina’s friend Iva, who wants to keep it secret. The Minister of the Environment is being interviewed on a local radio station in Split while the destinies of the people of Kaštela Bay remain tied to the dangerous pollution of their environment that has continued unabated for the last century.
Screenplay Dan Oki
Cinematography Raul Brzić
Editing Davor Švaić
Art Direction Ivan Bura
Costume Design Buga Cvjetanović
Music Vjeran Šalamon
Sound Design Vjeran Šalamon
Cast Andrea Mladinić, Bruna Bebić, Nikša Arčanin, Danijela Vuković, Elena Orlić, Danijel Rafaelić, Damir Duplančić-Cunko, Leon Lučev
Producer Slobodan Jokić
Production Udruga Kazimir
World Sales Slobodan Jokić.


Foreigners in Split (2012)

HD - Film
52 minutes, Color, Dolby Stereo

Director: Dan Oki

A documentary featuring interviews with 8 foreigners living in Split, Croatia. They come from different walks of life, have different reasons for living in Split, but they all share an amusing mix of appreciation and skepticism about the city they now inhabit.

Luce & Mare (2012)

HD - Film
10 minutes, Color, Dolby Stereo

Writer & Director: Dan Oki

Luce and Mare are two young women living on the island of Vis in Komiža and Podšpilje at the beginning of the sixties of the last century. They hide their love for each other until one day a young man spots them kissing on the beach. Tragically, Luce is stoned for this and chased away from her family, while Mare marries her colleague at work in order to avoid such a destiny. When Luce learns that Mare has gotten married, she commits suicide by jumping from a cliff onto the rocks in the sea. Mare, who still loves her, can not bare such an injustice and she blinds herself. Fifty years later, Mare, as a Cyber Granny, relives the biggest trauma of her life in a virtual environment.

Mrak (2011)

HD - Film
72 minutes, Black and White, Dolby Stereo

Writer & Director: Dan Oki

The film takes place over a period of 36 hours. It is the first day of summer. Taxi driver Frane lives together with his sister and her husband in a strange household. Frane learns that his sister is pregnant and he is not sure about his feelings towards the baby that's coming. After his night shift Frane kills a young unknown woman while having sexual intercourse with her. He tries to cover all the traces of the crime, but doing so only leads him to commit two more murders, one of which goes wrong. Throughout the film, the victims tell their stories at the places where the murders happened. In the morning of summer solstice Frane thinks that he got away with it and goes with his sister and her husband for a picnic in the forest by the river not knowing what awaits for him there.