Red / Black

Gildo Bačević My left fist I soak in red and right fist in black paint. I confront them on the white board in front of me. I bring out the conflict from inside myself with my experiences related to the symbolism of these two colours. Punching with my clenched fists I transfer it physically from the inside to the outside where it reflects on the board in front of me, becomes visible, loud and painful. Red / Black discusses the attempts to reconcile extreme poles inside and outside of the individual in society. The extreme left and extreme right wing which always radically strengthens during every economic crisis are only some of the ideological, emotional, social, and other paths that are symbolized by the two colours. Finally, together they symbolize the idea of reconciliation through anarchist theory and discourses. The conflict remains open but the sight of it is changing. Link

Profit vs Welfare (2012)

Gildo Bačević 2012, When we coined money to help us facilitate the trading and exchange we did not suspect that one day money will rule us all. The mintage of profit and welfare becomes pointless, same as the attempts to destruct, dematerialise and demistify the kuna, the symbol of national currency, by the exhaustive beats of a hammer. Link

Enough (2011)

Gildo Bačević 2011, The wave of discontent spreads throughout the world and the protests become the iconography of today. Even more individuals and groups establish various models of self-organization with the purpose of solving or pointing out the problems for which the responsibles don´t care or don´t want to care. 15.10. of the previous year indicated the day of the global protests. On 15.10.2011. thousands of people were on the streets with the sole intention to warn the rest of society of the need to reorganize and acknowledge the need for deep social changes. They came out to show solidarity and to support the protesters in Egypt, Greece, Wall Street, etc. During the protest in Split I directly adressed the guilty party and warned them to stop their evil plans. I made a short and definite transparent in which I also invested a part of me- I spelled DOSTA 15.10.11 (ENOUGH) with my own blood. Link

Apparition of the Virgin Mary (2011)

In the performance Apparition of the Virgin Mary the artist Sandra Sterle dressed as the figure of Virgin Mary stands on a postament made of a pile of free supermarket catalogues which we so frequently find in front of our door. After descending from the postament, the artist spreads the catalogs around the floor and walks over them.

Let Me Pass (2009)

Gildo Bačević 3'04''/ PAL 16:9 The performance takes place in the narrowest street in the city of Split which the inhabitants call 'Let me pass'. Gildo's close encounter with the citizens reveal their reactions that go from rather offensive to more fearful and are often accompanied by sharp comments. Link

Nausea (2008)

In her live performance Mučnina (Nausea), Sandra Sterle deliberately vomits to the tune of the song Dalmatinac nosi lančić oko vrata (A Dalmatian Man Wears a Chain Around His Neck) by Mišo Kovać, a cult icon of Croatian folk music. For Sterle, the song symbolises the unbowed heritage of the patriarchal culture of Dalmatia contained in a formula of sanctity and the unbroken tie of ‘blood and soil’. By publicly inducing vomiting and displaying her own position of powerlessness in the face of the norms of the social majority, the artist constitutes herself as a subject in rebellion. Instead of verbal expression, she uses simple symbols as a means of communication towards those she addresses.