Video Vortex # 8

Participant list announced

Video Vortex #8 is taking place at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb from May 17-19, 2012. It focuses on the art, culture and politics of the online moving image and features an accompanying exhibition. The list of participants is as follows:

0. Upload Cinema / Dagan Cohen

1. Contemporary art and online video
Moderator: Tihomir Milovac (Zagreb)

Sabina Salamon (Rijeka)
Seumas Coutts (Berlin)
Andreas Treske (Izmir)

2. Theoretical discourses on the contemporary shift in the digital moving image
Moderator: Geert Lovink (Amsterdam)

Laurence Rickels (Karlsruhe)
Bojana Romic (Beograd)
Riczhard Kluszchinsky (Warschaw)

3. Social networks and online video in the region
Moderator: Petar Milat

Aleksandra Sekulic (Beograd)
Janos Sugar (Budapest)
Peter Purg (Ljubljana)
Sandra Sterle (Split)
Damir Niksic (Sarajevo)

4. Techno-colonialism, surveillance and control of the distribution of the moving image
Moderator: Tanja Vrvilo (Zagreb)

Gabriel Menotti (London)
Kuros Yalpani (Munich)
Joanna Richardson (Berlin)

5. The perspective of online cinema
Moderator: Brian Willems (Split)

Jan Simons (Amsterdam)
Annelies Termeer (Amsterdam
Miklos Peternak (Budapest)

6. Artists talk about their own work and research in online video
Moderator: Dan Oki (Split)

Natalie Bookchin (Los Angeles)
Annie Abrahams (Paris)
Gisela Domschke (Sao Paulo)
Dalibor Martinis (Zagreb)

7. Technological aspects and new developments of online video
Moderator: William Linn (Zagreb)

Maarten Brinkerink (Amsterdam)
Miha Colner (Ljubljana)
Holmes Wilson (New York)